Brittney Griner receives warm welcome and praise from fellow players upon WNBA return

As she prepares to play in her first regular season WNBA game since 2021, players from around the league give their thoughts on the return of Brittney Griner. From words of welcome to what makes her such a tough opponent, the WNBA is thrilled that BG is back!

Video Transcript


AZURA STEVENS: I'm just looking forward to just hugging her and seeing her. She's like a dear friend of ours and one of our colleagues. And to see that happen to her was just heartbreaking. There wasn't a day that went by that I didn't think about her.

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NALYSSA SMITH: I'm happy that I'll get to play against you this year and just talk to you. I finally get the chance, you know, sit down and talk to you. And I've been waiting for this moment for a long time.

GRACE BERGER: I personally have been looking up to you for a very long time. So I'm really looking forward to getting to share the court with you this year.

AZURA STEVENS: Just to be able to physically see her, is going to be-- I don't think words will describe the feeling. But I'm looking forward most to just giving her a nice hug.

NNEKA OGWUMIKE: The most difficult thing about playing against BG is her length. She takes up space in the best way, but only when you're playing with her.


AZURA STEVENS: You will think that you're getting a wide-open layup when you're going around her. And then like your perception of the basket is like completely off.

- Controlled by Griner.

NNEKA OGWUMIKE: Playing against her, you have to get real creative about how you can figure out how to score, and also how you can figure out how to stop her.

DEARICA HAMBY: One part of BG's game that I wish I had was the ability to dunk.

- Field time for Brittney Griner.

NNEKA OGWUMIKE: Definitely her capability to dunk at any point in time.

AZURA STEVENS: Her dominating spirit. And that's something that I'm trying to get in my game is like having that fire of like never letting up.


- BG is back.

- Welcome back, BG.

- Welcome back, BG.

- Welcome back, BG.

- Welcome back, BG.

- Welcome back, BG.

- BG is back. Can I say it like that?

- Yeah.

- Oh, OK, Cool.

- Welcome back, BG. Let's go. That's my girl. That's why I'm like a little hyped. That's my girl.