Britney Spears joins Jimmy Fallon for the latest episode of 'Ew!'

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On The Tonight Show's latest episode of its hilarious segment "Ew!" Jimmy Fallon was joined by pop icon Britney Spears.

Spears, who is currently on her "Piece of Me" tour, made a quick pit stop to join Fallon in the fun segment, where Spears played Sara's camp bestie, Abby. The two reminisced on their time at camp, shared throwback thursday photos and played a game called "Fashion Freeze," before Sara's stepdad Gary interrupted with a very dad-like FaceTime call. Grossed out by Gary's use of the word "curd," Sara had zero interest in talking to her stepdad, who was calling to find out if the girls wanted any snacks from the "shop and go." So, after hanging up on Gary, the two decided to play the "Ew!" speed round.

Abby said "ew!" to current fads like matcha-flavored ice cream, "weird pop-up phone holder things," squishies, and sun-dried tomatoes. However, when Sara flashed a photo of The Office star Steve Carell, Abby confessed that she thought he was "so cute." Abby asked Sara, "He's like a really talented actor. Have you ever seen Despicable Me 3?"

While the segment may not have been Fallon's most hilarious in "Ew!" history, Spears did satisfy the '90s kids with a tiny bit of singing when Fallon stated, "We're stuck between two worlds. It's like, I'm not a girl," and Spears finished the statement by singing, "Not yet a woman." Emphasis on the "tiny."

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