British Man Claims Crocs Marathon World Record

Chris Howett, more aptly known as “Chris in Crocs” in his latest video, set himself an ambitious goal. Running the Manchester Marathon, sub-3 hours … in Crocs.

To add an extra degree of intrigue, Howett has never run a marathon — in any footwear — before.

Adorned in rubber ducky-yellow Crocs with a lightning McQueen charm (and matching socks), Howett was fully aware of how silly he’d look.

“I mean, who would be stupid enough to try to run a marathon in Crocs?” the Brit asked in his recent video. “That person would be me.”

And yes, he at least had the wherewithal to engage the heel strap.

Though Howett has never run a marathon, much less at a 6:50-per-mile pace, he used to run track and the 1,500m competitively.

But did he run fast enough to take down the current Crocs Marathon Record of 3:02? You’ll have to watch to find out.

Runtime: 14 minutes

Note: As of this video posting, Guinness World Records is still confirming Chris’s record run for the “fastest marathon wearing foam clogs, male.” Pending records can take up to 12 weeks to become official.

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