British Brooks shines in emotional return from injury

Last season, North Carolina running back British Brooks was posed for a big year, being named a starter for the 2022-2023 season. Sadly, that big year would have to pause after it was announced that Brooks would miss the entire year after tearing a knee ligament.

Many wondered if we would see Brooks again in Carolina Blue next year. Thankfully, he did, returning to UNC for one final year, and is already off to a great start. The Tar Heel led North Carolina’s ground game in UNC’s season-opening win against South Carolina, accounting for 103 yards on 15 carries.

It was a sight to see as Brooks’s vision, speed, and power were fully displayed.

After the game ended, Brooks could be seen on the field with Mack Brown as the two embraced the moment.

Brown discussed Brooks’s exceptional return while meeting with the press following the win.

“He was just so proud that he made it back,” Brown said. “That young guy did an unbelievable job of getting healthy and played so well tonight.”

Brown said this when asked about the special moment they shared on the field following the win.

“I said I am so proud of you (Brooks). A lot of people can’t do what you just did. What a great message to DeAndre Boykins and some of those who are hurt now. You took an awful situation and turned it into a positive by coming back and being able to play to help your team win.”

Brooks, a native from Gastonia, North Carolina, rushed for 100 yards for the second time in his career a year. Having his return game in his backyard is as memorable as it gets.

Story originally appeared on Tarheels Wire