Bright spot: Steph and Dorell make a long-distance connection

Not a whole lot went right for the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday night.

They played host to a scorching hot San Antonio Spurs team and got pasted, dropping a 118-98 contest that saw Tim Duncan(notes) (15 points, 18 rebounds, 11 assists) notch his seventh career triple-double (his first regular-season Ice Cube in nearly seven years), Manu Ginobili(notes) (27 points on 8-of-13 shooting, six rebounds and five steals) continue his sterling play and five other Spurs chip in with double-figure scoring nights. The Rise of the Machines continues apace.

On the flip side, only four Dubs surpassed single digits, everyone not named Stephen Curry(notes) shot a combined 43 percent from the floor and just 2 of 12 from deep, and David Lee's(notes) second game back from his gross, incisor-inflicted elbow infection was marred by Richard Jefferson's(notes) post-alley-oop attempt to ride him like a donkey. Add in Andris Biedrins'(notes) repeated unsuccessful efforts to convince people he's from Latveria, where Doctor Doom rules with an iron fist, as opposed to Latvia, where Valdis Zatlers and Valdis Dombrovskis rule with dual Valdis wands (probably), and it was a down night.

Except for this, which was pretty great:

I'm not saying that perfectly placed 48-foot lobs from a head's-up Stephen Curry to a streaking Dorell Wright(notes) totally make up for 20-point home defeats that drop you to two games below .500, or guys with awful tattoos riding your power forward's back after hanging on the rim. But they are awesome and they do elicit smiles, which is what this is all about — finding light in the darkness, beauty in the grotesque, the rose in the concrete.

So rest easy, rewind this heat and review as needed, Warriors fans. Today's a brand new day, you've got Phoenix on Thursday and then it's the weekend! Good times.

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