Bright Spot: It's painful when crowds move from cheers to jeers

Pastor Rick Sams
Pastor Rick Sams

I learned many years ago in social psychology class that the larger the group, the more risk-averse they are. Big groups always head for the safest path. Fast forward to full sports stadiums and the struggling home team on the field. One minute they are cheered. The next they are jeered. Heroes to zeroes. No surprise that I’m thinking Ohio State’s stunning loss to the team up north, 45-23.

Buckeye fans were ready to run quarterback C.J. Stroud out of C’bus for his unusual less-than-stellar performance AND the audacity to defend his team, explaining: “One game doesn’t define us.” Then the fair weather fan base went looking for Coach Ryan Day to tar, feather and fire him AND hire former Buckeye Coach Urban (The Messiah) Meyer. Hero to zero.

That’s the safe route. Who wants to be courageous and stand up for this hurting 20-year-old man and a coach with only two years and some change of head coaching on his thin resume?

Some things never change.

On Palm Sunday, the masses cheered Jesus, throwing palm branches in his path, revering him as their King and Messiah-Deliverer. Four days later they screamed “Crucify him!” (Mark 11:9-10; 15:13)

Masses are movable by whatever winds are society’s strongest.

So step apart from the crowd and do the right thing. It may be lonely out there but truth and justice make great companions.

This article originally appeared on The Alliance Review: Bright Spot: It's painful when crowds move from cheers to jeers