Bride sparks controversy with vegan menu at wedding ceremony: ‘Their loss, not yours’

A bride is wondering if she messed up when she didn't push a family member to attend her wedding. She consulted Reddit's "Am I the A******" forum for help. The bride was serving only vegan food at her wedding, and when a family member found out, that person decided not to attend. But after the wedding (and the menu) was a smash hit, the family member blamed the bride for not making the ceremony seem enticing enough. "Apparently, she hadn't realized the food was going to be so good or the event so nice and resents that everyone had this great event that she missed" . "Had I insisted more, and had I emphasized how amazing the food was going to be, she might have come" . "Every time our or other people's weddings are mentioned, she makes a face and rolls her eyes a bit at me. Perhaps I really should have pushed more for her presence?" . Reddit felt the bride did nothing wrong. "She made a choice and now has to deal with the consequences," a person said