Bride-to-be sparks controversy with her ‘demanding’ wedding dress code

A woman uninvited herself from her sister's wedding when the bride became too entitled. She shared what happened on Reddit's "Am I the A******" forum. She planned on attending the wedding at first. Then the bride insisted the Reddit poster pay for expensive clothes and gifts. She finally got fed up when the bride asked for a $2,500 honeymoon. "She said it was reasonable to expect your family to make your special day a good one," the reddit poster said. "She announced that my parents, husband and I were being put in charge of paying for their honeymoon. Their honeymoon package came to $2,500". "Right after that, I sent another message that our RSVP was going from a "yes" to a "no," and we would not be able to afford all this, and since she's being so demanding of our money, we feel it best we are not there". Reddit posters thought the bride was being high maintenance. "This wedding entitlement is getting crazy," one person wrote