Bride slammed for 'shaming' bridesmaid's 'reasonable' request

A bride's attempt to shame her bridesmaid on Facebook totally backfired. Someone in a wedding Facebook group shared an anecdote on Reddit's "Wedding Shaming" forum. The Reddit poster shared a screenshot of a message from a bride who posted in the group. The bride declared her frustrations about a bridesmaid's allergy to lavender, the theme of the entire wedding. The bridesmaid said she wouldn't go because the lavender would make her sick. However, the bride felt the bridesmaid was being selfish. The Reddit poster added that "the [Facebook] post reached almost 600 comments in about 25 minutes before it was deleted, the vast majority shaming the bride for choosing florals over a close friend's health". "Really though? Is your dream of lavender more important than having the people you love there?" one person commented