Bride outraged by sister’s decision to skip her ‘redo’ wedding: ‘Gross and entitled’

A woman wants to ditch her big sister’s second wedding but the rest of her family doesn’t support her decision. She took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******” to share what went down during the first wedding. “My sister got married six years ago,” the user wrote. “The wedding did not go quite as planned so she and her husband have decided they want a redo”. After being hostile to her bridesmaids, the bride felt out-staged by other family members who required medical attention at the ceremony. “I was her bridesmaid/kinda maid of honor with one of her friends and she treated me like s***”. At the time the user was a young college student and didn’t speak up much. Reddit thought the older sister was a bridezilla. “Your sister sounds exhausting,” one user wrote