Brian Hoyer took bad sack at end of the half vs. Chiefs, thought he had a timeout when he didn't

The New England Patriots presumably started Brian Hoyer in place of Cam Newton because he’s a veteran who at least wouldn’t make a big mistake. Especially a mental one.

Hoyer had one of the worst mistakes a quarterback can make at the end of the first half against the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Patriots, trailing 6-3, were well within field-goal range at the end of the half. They had just 11 seconds remaining and no timeouts left, in part because Hoyer seemed to change a play to a run in the final minute and New England had to use a timeout after that.

Hoyer went back to pass and didn’t have anyone open. Even armchair quarterbacks know to throw the ball away and not take a sack. Hoyer held the ball, held it some more, then tried to get away and got sacked.

Then, perhaps explaining how he could make a mistake like that, he turned to the official to signal for a timeout when New England didn’t have any left.

Bill Belichick teams are famous for not making mistakes like that. The defense played its heart out in the first half, Belichick had a great plan to limit Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs offense, and every point was crucial for the Patriots offense without Newton.

Hoyer’s mistake was brutal, in plenty of ways.

Brian Hoyer goes down as Frank Clark wraps up his legs for a sack.
New England Patriots quarterback Brian Hoyer (2) is sacked by Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Frank Clark (55) during the first half Monday in Kansas City. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

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