Brian Flores changes his mind again, benches Josh Rosen for Ryan Fitzpatrick

Michael David Smith
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

Dolphins head coach Brian Flores has made a decision at quarterback. And it’s not the same as his previous decision.

Flores announced today that Ryan Fitzpatrick will start on Sunday against the Bills.

That news comes a week after Flores declared that Josh Rosen was the starter for the rest of the season — only to change his mind during Sunday’s game and go to Fitzpatrick, who nearly led the Dolphins to a comeback win. Flores then said after the game that Fitzpatrick came in only to give the team a spark, and that Rosen would remain the starter.

Flores then left the door open for another switch back to Fitzpatrick, but at the time he said that would be based on “what happens this week in practice.” Now Flores has gone back to Fitzpatrick on Wednesday morning, not after a week of practice.

How long Fitzpatrick keeps the job remains to be seen, and give the decisions Flores has made so far, this decision has to be considered subject to change. But for now, Fitzpatrick is the starter.

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