Brian Cashman talks Yankees season, Aaron Boone: ‘It’s been a disaster’

Aug 23, 2023; Bronx, New York, USA; New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman talks with the media before the game between the Yankees and the Washington Nationals at Yankee Stadium.

The 2023 Yankees are on a historic run and not in a good way.

The Yankees are in the midst of a nine-game losing streak -- the longest since 1982 -- and a loss Wednesday night would be the first such streak in over 100 years (1913). With the second-highest payroll in baseball and an offense that is the second-worst in the league, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman spoke to the media prior to Wednesday's game.

He answered questions about the season, the players, manager Aaron Boone and his own job security. Here are the takeaways…

On the 2023 season

“It’s been a disaster this season,” Cashman said. “Definitely a shock. Certainly nobody on our side of the fence from our player group, our manager or even outside of the organization would have predicted this.”

When asked what caused this season’s collapse, aside from the injuries, Cashman said that there’s not one thing to point to but they’ll be looking at the whole operation once the year is over.

“We’re going to evaluate it all,” he said. “Unfortunately, we’re going to have some time to do that. Everybody’s had a hand in it, from top to bottom and it’s our job to find out where. That’s what we’re going to be tasked with.”

A big reason for the team’s downfall is the offensive ineptitude and Cashman was asked about that part of the team specifically and why it has taken a turn for the worst.

“In some cases, decisions of who we onboarded. Some cases injuries. In other cases, unexpected performances,” he said. “It’s a depleted roster in some areas. I’m looking forward to getting Anthony Rizzo back at first base for instance amongst others. When that storm hit us, we didn’t have enough to sustain or maintain and it sunk us. A pretty big storm hit our way that took us from a team last year who led the league in runs to this year being 29th in the majors.

“We’re trying. I’ve been able to fix things on the run when they’re broken whether it’s promote from within, in-season coaching change, none of it has worked. But we’ll keep trying.”

As for the Yankees fans who are unhappy with this season’s team, Cashman empathized with them.

“They want us to win. They're invested in this franchise. They're invested in our team and they're disappointed,” he said. “Certainly, I hear them loud and clear. We're disappointed, too."

On Boone’s job this season

Boone has one more year on his current contract after this season and his hot seat is hotter than it’s ever been since he took over the managerial duties in 2018. Cashman was asked about his skipper and whether his job will be assessed.

“I think Boonie's doing everything he can possibly do, just like all of us,” he said. “We’re all pulling out everything we possibly can even though the results haven’t been there, including Aaron Boone. I know he had a team meeting Friday night after that loss to Boston heading into that Saturday game, that didn’t help. There are individual conversations, team conversations … that’s the job and I can assure you he’s pulling all those levers too.”

On his and Boone’s job security, and whether he can turn this team around moving forward

“That’s the job we have. We’ll do everything in our power to fix it.," Cashman said when asked about whether he can right the ship. "I think we have a pretty good track record. We’ve had a really good run of success but at the same time It’s not an easy sport and nothing’s guaranteed.

"I would counter, I don’t think there’s anybody on this planet that felt that the New York Yankees, as constructed leaving spring training, wasn’t a playoff contending team… but at the same time, s--- happens and a lot of it’s happened and because of that, there’s a mess on our hands and while I’m in the position I’m in I’ll do everything in my power to fix what’s broken.

"We’ve had a lot of tough hard lessons this year and sports can bring you that. We’ve been able to withstand that for quite some time and I’m certainly proud of, but you can be proud of certain things, but I’m not proud of this season."

When he was asked about his and Boone's job, Cashman reiterated that they'll all be evaluated at the end of the year.

"We’re all going to be evaluated," he said. "We’re going to look at every aspect of the operation because that’s what you have to do and that will take us where it takes us. No one is happy here. We’re better than this but we’ve not played better than this."