Brian Cashman, Jean Afterman react to Marlins' historic hire of Kim Ng: 'They have broken a barrier that needed shattering'

Danny Abriano
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Kim Ng smiling
Kim Ng smiling

When the Miami Marlins hired Kim Ng as GM on Friday, she became the first female GM in the history of the four major North American sports.

Later on Friday, Yankees GM Brian Cashman and assistant GM Jean Afterman, both of whom worked with Ng when she was with the Yankees, reacted to the news.

From Cashman:

“I was truly excited for Kim when I learned that she had been named General Manager of the Miami Marlins. It is wonderful seeing people accomplish their stated goals, and this has been a dream of hers for as long as I’ve known her. As Assistant General Manager with the Yankees, she was indispensable to me when I first began my tenure as the GM. Kim was a tireless and dedicated executive back then, and in the ensuing years, she has ceaselessly added to her skill set to maximize her talent. She will provide the Marlins with vast experience and institutional knowledge along with a calm demeanor and an amazing ability to connect with others — all of which will serve her well in her new leadership role as head of baseball operations. I offer my congratulations to her and to the Marlins organization.”

From Afterman:

“When I succeeded Kim as the Assistant General Manager of the Yankees almost 20 years ago, I knew that I needed to up my game to match hers — Kim had set a high standard. Her hiring demonstrates what I have long said, that to be a GM in Major League Baseball, you need intelligence, vision and experience. These qualities of leadership, which Kim possesses in abundance, are gender-blind. It is a tremendous achievement to be the first female GM in Major League Baseball, and I hope young girls (and boys) take notice of this and further understand that there are no limits to their dreams. I congratulate the Marlins — that after a remarkable season, during extraordinary times — they have broken a barrier that needed shattering.”