Brian Callahan issues heartfelt message thanking Bengals

As expected, the bulk of Brian Callahan’s introductory press conference as head coach of the Tennessee Titans focused on the future of that organization.

But the Cincinnati Bengals were part of the discussion, too.

In comments that quickly went viral on social media, Callahan got choked up while addressing the Bengals organization, headed up by team president Mike Brown.

“I would like to thank the Cincinnati Bengals organization. Mike Brown, who is probably one of the greatest men that I’ve ever met,” Callahan said. “Katie and Troy Blackburn, their daughters, Elizabeth and Caroline, and Duke Tobin and his staff, they gave me an incredible opportunity to grow, and then they were patient, and they invested in me. And I’ll forever be grateful for that.”

While the Bengals move forward with the newly promoted Dan Pitcher as offensive coordinator and deal with subsequent coaching moves, Callahan has to retool an entire Titans program and answer questions such as whether to bring back Derrick Henry and his outlook on possible franchise passer Will Levis.

Still, it was nice to see Callahan address the Bengals, especially when it was so heartfelt:

Story originally appeared on Bengals Wire