Brian Callahan on Derrick Henry: I'm not going to say no to good players

The Titans kicked off a new chapter in the franchise's history by hiring Brian Callahan as the team's head coach, but Callahan said he's not opposed to holding onto someone from the previous era in Nashville.

Running back Derrick Henry gave a farewell speech to the home crowd after the Titans' win in Week 18 because he played out the final year of his contract, but Callahan said on 102.5 The Game on Friday that he'd be more than happy to have Henry spend a little more time playing for the team.

“I think a player like Derrick Henry fits into any offense," Callahan said. "He’s been a remarkable player, he’s been the face of the franchise here for a long time. When you think of the Tennessee Titans, you think of Derrick Henry. He’s earned that. If he is open to a return that fits for us, I’m never going to say no to good players. I know that he’s been an incredible leader in this building as well, which also carries a lot of weight. You can find ways to use every player. There’s no offensive system that would say ‘I don’t like to have Derrick Henry here.’

A return that "fits for us" and what Henry is looking for may be very different things, so there's a lot to play out before there will be any reason to give serious thought to what Henry could do in Callahan's offense, but the door being open means it may not be the end of the line for Henry in Tennessee after all.