Brian Burns asked if he expects to be traded by tomorrow’s deadline

Carolina Panthers outside linebacker Brian Burns still has his story and he’s still sticking to it.

With the NFL trade deadline set for tomorrow and no long-term extension in hand, the two-time Pro Bowl pass rusher was asked about where he currently stands with the organization. But, as he’s done all season, Burns kept on his poker face.

“This trade stuff been goin’ on for three years, man,” he said with a smile. “I stand with God. I’m good.”

Burns was then asked if he expects to be dealt within the next 24 hours. He was pretty mum on that inquiry, stating it is “within God’s hands.”

But, he said he’s learned how to deal with the rumors—seeing as though they’ve been swirling around for three years now.

“Just doin’ a better job of separatin’ everything,” he added. “And, ya know, lettin’ go of what you can’t control.”

He later elaborated on what he can control.

“My focus is winning here,” Burns stated. “I don’t like to look on the other side because the grass isn’t greener always on the other side. I like to focus where I’m at, be where my feet are—also got that from a book. So, that’s always been my focus.”

Burns picked up his fifth sack of the campaign in yesterday’s 15-13 win over the Houston Texans. Along with sacks, the 25-year-old also leads the team in tackles for a loss (seven), quarterback hits (10) and is responsible for one of the defense’s two forced fumbles.

Story originally appeared on Panthers Wire