Brewers draft pick Brock Begue is a walking and pitching medical miracle

Mark Townsend
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Baseball fans might not be familiar with Brock Begue. But odds are they will be soon. That’s because Begue continues defying the odds in his pursuit of simply living a normal life.

The 20-year-old left-hander was the 11th round pick made by the Milwaukee Brewers during the 2019 MLB draft. And though his name wasn't at the top of many draft boards or included on many draft previews, his story and his journey should be a source of inspiration to everyone.

Begue was never supposed to be a potential MLB prospect. He was never supposed to be an athlete at any level, let alone one drafted professionally. In fact, he was never supposed to walk without assistance after suffering a series of strokes and seizures shortly after birth.

Yet here he is, a little more than 20 years later, with an opportunity to pitch professionally awaiting him.

Medical miracle

According to a Canton Republic story published in 2017, doctors said if Begue survived at birth he would deal with severe life-long deficits stemming from the strokes and seizures he suffered.

Begue’s family was told his right leg would drag, and he might never have full functional use of his right arm.

While Begue is still dealing with many of those anticipated effects, he's defied all odds by developing into a prospect.

“He’s a miracle," Brock's father Mark Begue told the Canton Republic. "I remember calling the neurologists who told us about all the deficits Brock was going to face and letting them know about his progress. They said this type of recovery is possible but not likely.”

“The doctors painted a very ugly picture,” Annette said. “They said he was going to drag his leg behind him and likely have no use of his right arm. They said he would never run a marathon. I took that as I challenge. I was going to do everything in my power to try to help Brock prove the doctors wrong.”

At 2 weeks old, Begue's parents started arranging therapy sessions. At home, they would massage his right side to try to get blood flowing. The goal was to do everything possible to give Brock a chance at a normal life.

Thanks to his perseverance and the determination of his family and countless others who helped along the way, he's able to walk without assistance or even a limp, while blowing pitches by batters at Cuyahoga Community College in Ohio.

Overcame another setback

Begue’s baseball career faced another hurdle during his senior year of high school.

The 6-foot-4 center suffered a torn ACL while playing basketball in November, but amazingly was able to return to pitching just four months later despite undergoing major surgery.

Begue’s perseverance was once again credited with helping him defy the odds to continue pursuing his passion.

Just one year later, Begue was named a NJCAA Division II All-American, which added to his list of incredible honors and undoubtedly put him on the radar of MLB scouts.

Brewers draft pick Brock Begue has developed into a pitching prospect despite dealing with severe effects from strokes suffered at birth. (Photo by Mike McGinnis/MLB Photos via Getty Images)
Brewers draft pick Brock Begue has developed into a pitching prospect despite dealing with severe effects from strokes suffered at birth. (Getty Images)

Will Begue sign with the Brewers?

That’s the next big question. At this point, there’s no definite answer.

In April, Begue told the Cuyahoga Community College website that he was committed to continuing his academic and athletic efforts next season at Georgia Gwinnett College. However, that was before being drafted.

The Brewers will look to secure their early round draft picks first. But if they have enough money remaining to make a respectable offer, Begue might be moved to consider it.

Begue might also plan to bet on himself, figuring another season of college ball will only improve his stock.

We know one thing is for sure. Begue won’t let anyone, or anything, stop him from reaching whatever goal he has set for himself.

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