Brewers awesome shot-for-shot remake of 'Sandlot' scene features surprise cameo

If you don’t already root for the Milwaukee Brewers, they might win you over as a bandwagon team this year. The club put out a nearly shot-for-shot remake of one of the most memorable scenes from the movie “Sandlot,” and it features a surprising cameo at the end.

Here’s the video, which is fantastic:

Before we talk about the cameo, let’s show you the original clip from the “Sandlot” movie. The Brewers production crew did a great job trying to accurately film the scene. The dialogue, and many of the shots, are identical.

Now, about that cameo. In the Brewers’ version of the “Sandlot,” The Beast was portrayed by Hank the Dog!

We hope you remember Hank the Dog, but just in case you don’t, here’s a refresher. Back in 2014, a dog wandered into the Brewers’ spring training facility. He was taken in by the club and eventually adopted by someone close to the team.

Hank became kind of a thing for a while. He was a rallying cry for the Brewers for a bit, and was then involved in a weird conspiracy after some suggested the original Hank was replaced by an imposter. It got so serious that the Brewers actually held a press conference to prove Hank was real, and had never been replaced. Things were simpler back in 2016.

Perhaps you don’t care about Hank the Dog. Perhaps you are underwhelmed. Well, if that’s the case, at least you weren’t disappointed by the video. Eric Sogard, Stephen Vogt and Brett Phillips were entertaining. And Christian Yelich even makes an appearance. If Hank the Dog doesn’t do it for you as a cameo, maybe he will. He does seem to be fitting in well with his new teammates.

Given how respectfully the Brewers treated the source material here, we wouldn’t mind seeing some of scene re-creations going forward. Anything with Jimmy Dugan from “A League of Their Own” would be worthy of an Oscar nomination.

We would recommend starting with that one.

The Brewers did a great job re-creating everyone’s favorite “Sandlot” scene. (Screenshot via @Brewers on Twitter)
The Brewers did a great job re-creating everyone’s favorite “Sandlot” scene. (Screenshot via @Brewers on Twitter)

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