Brett Favre puts Cooper Kupp in his top 4 WRs: ‘One of the best route runners’

Cooper Kupp came out of nowhere to become one of the best receivers in the NFL last season, putting up gaudy numbers in his first year with Matthew Stafford at quarterback. He’ll try to follow up that 1,947-yard, 16-touchdown season in 2022, but topping those stats will be a challenge.

Even if he doesn’t eclipse his Triple Crown totals, he’s established himself as a premier player. Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre recently put Kupp in his top four receivers in the NFL right now, calling him “one of the best route runners – period.”

Favre says that even though you know what Kupp is going to run, often using option routes to get open, you simply cannot cover him. And that’s true because Kupp generates as much separation as anyone, even though he’s not the fastest or quickest player.

Story originally appeared on Rams Wire