Breaking News: Kyle Larson to race 2024 Chili Bowl Nationals

NASCAR Cup Series Food City Dirt Race
NASCAR Cup Series Food City Dirt Race

Kyle Larson has reversed his decision to boycott the Chili Bowl Nationals and will compete Thursday night in the unofficial kick off of open wheel dirt track racing. If all goes according to plan, he will complete a dirt double and race in both the Wild West Tour in Late Model competition at Vado (New Mexico) Speedway Park and the 38th annual Chili Bowl Nationals.

The decision to compete came late Tuesday morning, when Larson called former dirt car owner Keith Kunz to congratulate him on the win of Tanner Carrick, who locked into Saturday night's Main event with his Monday Qualification Night win.

Larson won the Chili Bowl in 2020 and 2021. He failed in his attempt to score a third consecutive in 2022 with a seventh-place finish before boycotting the race in 2023 over concerns about the size of the purse.

Thursday is an off day for the Wild West Tour, which opens the door for Larson attempt the double.

The attempt has the best chance of working if Larson locks into Saturday's A-Main through Thursday night's show.

The current plans are for Larson to run the Wild West Tour Saturday morning, weather permitting, and then head to Tulsa, Oklahoma.