Breaking down the South Dakota Prep Media football poll for Sept. 5: Top spots begin to solidify

Sep. 5—MITCHELL — Following an upset-filled week ahead of the Aug. 28 polls, this week's rankings began to stabilize, with very little fluctuation at the top of each class.

Six of the seven classes had the same four teams occupy rankings No. 1 through No. 4 from last week to this, with four of the six classes in the same order as last week.

Here's what to know about this week's polls:

Five of the seven classes have a new fifth-ranked team compared to last week's polls, with Class 11B and Class 9AA as the exceptions.

Within the 11-man ranks, Sioux Falls Washington slipped into the fifth spot in Class 11AAA, Sturgis moved into the Class 11AA ranks and Lennox entered the fray in Class 11A.

Meanwhile, Philip gave Class 9A a second West River representative and preseason No. 3 Herreid/Selby Area is back in the top five in Class 9B after falling outside the rankings each of the past two weeks.

Among the teams that fell out of the rankings to make way for the new teams were Brandon Valley (11AAA), Spearfish (11AA), Sioux Falls Christian (11A), Gregory (9A) and Dell Rapids St. Mary (9B).

For the third time in three weeks, a different program stands atop the Class 9A podium, with defending state runner-up Warner occupying that mantle this week.

Gregory started the season as the favorite and is on the outside of the top five looking in after back-to-back losses to start its season. Then, Wolsey-Wessington swiped the top spot last week after taking out the Gorillas before being knocked off by Class 9AA No. 1 Parkston this week to make way for the Monarchs.

Warner received 13 of 23 first-place votes this week. while Canistota claimed eight, as the Monarchs have 103 points in the polls to the Hawks' 96. Wolsey-Wessington held onto the remaining two first-place votes and ranks third, followed by Harding County/Bison, up from fifth last week, and Philip. A season-high five teams are also receiving votes, including Alcester-Hudson, Gregory, Castlewood, Chester Area and Lyman.

* Three weeks into the season, Faulkton Area is the lone remaining unbeaten team in Class 9B, as Potter County (lost to Faulkton) and Avon fell for the first time last week. The other three classes with three weeks of action (11B, 9AA and 9A) all have at least five undefeated teams remaining.

* Washington is the first newcomer to the Class 11AAA poll this year, doing so after receiving zero total votes prior to this week. The top five in Class 11AAA had featured the same five teams in the first two weeks — Lincoln, Jefferson, O'Gorman, Harrisburg and Brandon Valley

* Brookings clings to two votes in the Class 11AA poll despite having yet to score this season.

* Woonsocket/Wessington Springs/Sanborn Central had a bye at the wrong time, as the undefeated Blackhawks did not receive any votes this week despite getting votes in each prior poll this season.

* Corsica-Stickney nearly re-entered the Class 9B poll this week after receiving 20 votes. However, that placed the Jaguars just behind HSA (26) as the top vote-getter outside the top five.

The South Dakota Prep Media football polls for the week of Sept. 5 are listed below, ranking the top five teams in each class. First-place votes received are indicated in parentheses, followed by record and total points.

Class 11AAA

1. Sioux Falls Lincoln (20), 2-0, 111; 2. Sioux Falls Jefferson (3), 2-0, 92; 3. O'Gorman, 2-0, 68; 4. Harrisburg, 1-1, 51; 5. Sioux Falls Washington, 1-1, 12.

Others receiving votes: Brandon Valley 11.

Class 11AA

1. Pierre (22), 2-0, 114; 2. Tea Area (1), 2-0, 83; 3. Yankton, 2-0, 75; 4. Watertown, 2-0, 48; 5. Sturgis, 2-0, 17.

Others receiving votes: Spearfish 6, Brookings 2.

Class 11A

1. Dell Rapids (22), 2-0, 114; 2. West Central, 2-0, 86; 3. Canton (1), 2-0, 73; 4. Dakota Valley, 2-0, 47; 5. Lennox, 2-0, 22.

Others receiving votes: Sioux Falls Christian 3.

Class 11B

1. Winner (22), 3-0, 114; 2. Sioux Valley (1), 3-0, 93; 3. Bridgewater-Emery/Ethan, 3-0, 58; 4. Elk Point-Jefferson, 2-1, 37; 5. Hot Springs, 3-0, 28.

Others receiving votes: Deuel 12, Tri-Valley 3.

Class 9AA

1. Parkston (19), 3-0, 111; 2. Hamlin (3), 3-0, 89; 3. Howard (1), 2-1, 64; 4. Elkton-Lake Benton, 3-0, 46; 5. Wall, 2-1, 26.

Others receiving votes: Freeman/Marion/Freeman Academy 6, Stanley County 3.

Class 9A

1. Warner (13), 2-0, 103; 2. Canistota (8), 3-0, 96; 3. Wolsey-Wessington (2), 2-1, 64; 4. Harding County/Bison, 3-0, 44; 5. Philip, 2-0, 21.

Others receiving votes: Alcester-Hudson 7, Gregory 6, Castlewood 2, Chester Area 1, Lyman 1.

Class 9B

1. Faulkton Area (23), 3-0, 115; 2. De Smet, 2-1, 89; 3. Hitchcock-Tulare, 2-1, 59; 4. Avon, 2-1, 27; 5. Herreid/Selby Area, 2-1, 26.

Others receiving votes: Corsica-Stickney 20, Dell Rapids St. Mary 8, Potter County 1.