Brazil's INTZ beats China's EDG in biggest League of Legends Worlds upset of all time

Taylor Cocke
The rest of Group C better watch out for INTZ (Lolesports/Riot Games)
The rest of Group C better watch out for INTZ (Lolesports/Riot Games)

Every year, a wild card team shocks the competition at the League of Legends World Championship. In 2014, it was KaBuM knocking Alliance out of the tournament. In 2015, it was paiN Gaming putting the final nail in CLG’s coffin. And now, in 2016, it’s Brazil’s INTZ bringing the heat to EDG, the number one seed out of China.

This was the biggest upset in League of Legends World Championship history.

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It all started with jungler Gabriel “Revolta” Henud visiting the top lane and joining Felipe “Yang” Zhao in abusing the EDG top laner Chen “Mouse” Yu-Hao over and over again. From there, it was the Yang and Revolta show, roaming the map as a dynamic dup and just straight up murdering anyone that wandered into their line of sight.

It wasn’t the most decisive finish from then on, as EDG put up a serious fight, but INTZ proved that they could more than hang with the big dogs. Despite a few missteps, Gabriel “tockers” Claumann and his Syndra eventually came online and was able to dish out the damage, helping INTZ win the 42-minute match.

The recap isn’t what’s important here, though. INTZ has shown that Brazil can hang with the best in the world. Hell, they can freaking beat them. EDG is supposed to be a favorite at Worlds, and INTZ brought them down. Yes, a Wild Card team has beaten EDG. And it wasn’t close.

Is it time for Brazil to get the major region treatment? After just one win, it’s too early to call. But if this trend continues, Group C better watch out. This thing is now wide open.

Taylor Cocke could not be happier for the INTZ guys. Follow him on Twitter @taylorcocke.

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