Brazier: Where Mourinho is going wrong

Jeff Brazier believes that Jose Mourinho’s conduct on and off the pitch is detrimental to his players’ performances.

The former Grays Athletic defender, now a life coach, explained to The Football Show’s Max Rushden just where the two-times Champions League winner is going wrong.

Brazier believes that Mourinho is not showing enough affection to the players, saying: “Don’t forget that your players might as well be a group of kids who ultimately need – as all children do – stability, consistency, and to know that they’re loved.

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“I don’t think he’s showing them a great deal of love and I don’t think he’s giving them a great deal of stability.”

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When asked what mistakes Mourinho is making, Brazier said he thinks the Portuguese makes too much of the press conference and the game about himself:

“There’s too much ego there” Brazier said.

“Too much about him thinking about his own career before Man United – we’re talking about the biggest club in football.

“It’s amazing he’s being allowed to perform, because I can’t see it being conducive to better performances on the pitch.

Brazier said he would want to discuss with Mourinho “his performances in press conferences, and what he’s trying to achieve by standing on the edge of the pitch and applauding the fans that had stayed.

“Nothing is spur of the moment. He intricately plans.

“There’s a quote from him saying the game actually begins when he walks into the press conference. So he’s like a performer, like a showman. When it’s to the good of your team then great, but when it’s to the detriment of results on the pitch and players performances, then you’re responsible for that.”

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