Braves mascot Blooper's latest prank on Manny Machado was a 3-day, $300M con

Cassandra NegleyYahoo Sports Contributor

Blooper fell on to the mascot scene last winter to not-so-great reviews and in the time since has a lot to write about in his journal. His latest trick involving San Diego Padres shortstop Manny Machado has outdone them all.

First, a recap of the mascot’s affairs. He looks a lot like a certain rival to the north. There’s a chance he’s not allowed back at the Arizona Diamondbacks stadium after running on to the field and getting tackled by security. And he has no clue what “live hit” means for the Braves broadcasting crew.

To his credit, the set-up of Machado was well-executed.

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San Diego Padres shortstop Manny Machado got played by Atlanta Braves mascot 'Blooper.' (AP Photo/John Bazemore)
San Diego Padres shortstop Manny Machado got played by Atlanta Braves mascot 'Blooper.' (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

Blooper has a past with Machado, showing some irritation last fall when Machado didn’t want to play. Now he has his ultimate revenge, planned out after a three-day excursion that could send Blooper retiring to wherever mascots enjoy.

During the first game of the series, Blooper played dumb and let Machado pull the oldest trick in the book. Everyone sees this coming.

Blooper again played nice Tuesday, offering the star an innocent shoe shine. He almost got duped from a tip in the process. Poor Blooper.

That leads us into the final opportunity for Blooper to get his revenge before summer bears down. The mascot wanted an autograph from the star and had the perfect spot.

Of all the things Blooper could have done, this seems tame (albeit, illegal). And perfectly set up to gain the ultimate prize without putting in the All-Star work.

Unlike his peers, he didn’t lose the team any money via a T-shirt gun misshap; he actually made the squad some cash if he’s willing to share and finds a bank that takes checks as large as his torso.

He didn’t take out any players, whether accidental or not, which seems fairly important for a mascot to avoid.

The only problem is he couldn’t complete the deal and failed to secure the check Thursday for the finale.

Maybe next time, Blooper.

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