The Braves broadcast team perfectly trolls Nationals after non-rain delay

The Braves broadcasters absolutely owned the Nationals. (Fox Sports)
The Braves broadcasters absolutely owned the Nationals. (Fox Sports)

One night after a three-plus hour rain delay that featured almost no rain, the Atlanta Braves broadcasting team perfectly trolled the Washington Nationals in their pregame segment.

Chip Caray, Joe Simpson and team really pulled out all the stops for this one: an umbrella, jackets, fake rain and confetti falling as they braved the elements in the nation’s capital, which included 86 degrees, sun and, of course, “a real bad storm here with snow and rain.”

Neither team was all too happy about having Thursday night’s game, which was scheduled for a 7:05 p.m. ET first pitch, didn’t start until 10:10 p.m. after a very, very dry rain delay. The crowd had petered out to just hundreds when first pitch finally came, and those who stayed got free food and an apology:

Props to Fox Sports Braves for making the most of a frustrating situation. And yes, Friday’s game did start on time under clear skies, much like Thursday’s game should have.

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