Brandon Staley’s message to Chargers rookies: ‘There’s a lot of learning to do’

The Chargers will rely on their veterans to help lift the team to a playoff victory next season. But they are also banking on the contributions from their 2023 draft class too.

Head coach Brandon Staley had a clear message for the team’s first-year players at rookie minicamp last week.

In speaking to reporters, Staley made clear that the development of knowledge and familiarization with the team’s schemes would be a top priority during this phase of the offseason program.

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“There’s a lot of learning to do, so everything you’re doing this weekend, you’re doing something for the first time,” He explained. “Just learn as much as you can, work as hard as you can. We’re just going to try and make this a big-time teaching camp for them so that when they get started with the veterans on Monday, they feel like, ‘Hey, I’m one of us.'”

As the Chargers’ rookies continue picking up what the coaches put in front of them this week, fans can expect that the team will get a clearer idea of who might be ready to contribute right away and who might need some time to get comfortable.

Staley and his staff are getting their first look at their newest crop of talent firsthand, and incremental progress is their goal at this juncture.

Story originally appeared on Chargers Wire