Brandon Rush’s Twitter account gets nasty — will these hackers ever stop?

Indiana Pacers guard Brandon Rush swears his Twitter account was hacked last week after it spewed out a series of nasty and profane tweets aimed at fellow users, and … geez, are we still attempting this?

Five years ago, when my brother was preparing to move away for his freshman year of college, I helped the young IM-fiend set up a super-mature email account. When it came time to pick his password, because my brother was a goofball, he chose "baseball." Not because he was obsessed with the game (though he played it in high school), but just because it made him laugh for 35 seconds. Like entering "pizza" or "LovesRaymond."

Five years later, I'm scouring this list of the most popular (and hack-o-ble) internet passwords, and sure enough "baseball" shows up. "Baseball?" Seriously?

So maybe Rush did have his account hacked before he launched into a nasty bit of invective involving homosexual slurs and the like last week (we can't re-print the Tweets, but screenshots can be found here). Maybe he chose "dragon" or "baseball" or "superman" off that list of no-no passwords published at SplashID. Maybe he made the same mistake my teenaged brother made, even if Rush is 26-years old. Either way, he's attempting to wash his hands of the whole affair.

From the Indianapolis Star:

"It definitely got hacked," Rush said at Conseco Fieldhouse this morning. "I kind of know who did it and how it was done. We're working on it. People who know me know that's not my type of personality. That's all I have to say about it."

Beyond what he -- er, a hacker -- already said.

It should be noted that "IamThaKing25" doesn't appear to have many other profane Tweets on his feed, unless he's deleted those as well, and that "ThaKing" in question has averaged a single-digit Player Efficiency Rating in three NBA seasons.

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