Brandon Ingram seemingly disses LeBron James: 'I've never played with a player as talented as me'

Before he blossomed into an All-Star with the New Orleans Pelicans, Brandon Ingram spent the first three seasons of his NBA career with the Los Angeles Lakers. This should be obvious to anyone who follows basketball, but Ingram has apparently forgotten about his time with the Lakers.

That must be the case, because how else can you explain this quote from Ingram on Wednesday? When asked about he and Zion Williamson making All-Star teams at such a young ages, Ingram responded by saying, "I've never played with a player as talented as me."

That quote should raise a few eyebrows, as Ingram ... uh ... played with LeBron James. The two were teammates for one season before Ingram was traded to the Pelicans in exchange for Anthony Davis.

If Ingram's quote was meant as a dig, it appears he's still upset about being involved in that trade. James pushed hard for the Lakers to acquire Davis, and it was assumed Ingram would be included in any deal. This wasn't a huge secret, as fans chanted "LeBron will trade you" at Ingram during a game.

Alternatively, the quote can be read as high praise for Williamson, who made the All-Star team for the first time in his career this season. Williamson is averaging 25.3 points and 6.8 rebounds during his second season, and is considered a future star of the NBA. Ingram — who made the All-Star team last season — feels confident that he and Williamson can lead the team to success down the road.

Even if Williamson becomes the best player in the NBA in the next five years, Ingram's quote still reads as a shot at James.

Brandon Ingram has excelled in New Orleans

Time away from James has done wonders for Ingram's production. He's stepped up his game with the Pelicans, averaging 23.9 points since joining the team last season. Ingram averaged just 13.9 points in three seasons with the Lakers.

Ingram's performance hasn't resulted in a lot of wins yet, though. The Pelicans went 30-42 last season, and are 14-17 this year. Between Ingram and Williamson, the team has plenty to be excited about moving forward, but still needs more help before the Pelicans are considered a contender in the West.

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