Bragging Rights: What makes the Civil War such a big deal?


The 123rd Civil War kicks off in less than 24 hours at Autzen Stadium.

Oregon looks to continue their path to a PAC-12 Championship. OSU is looking to go bowling for the first time since 2013. 

The final has been a little lopsided over the past decade-plus, with Oregon winning 10 of 11. 

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That hasn't silenced Beaver Nation, though. 

"It's a really divided state," Oregon offensive lineman Ryan Walk said.  "It's pretty evenly split."

"It's always talked about," Keegan Firth, Beavers long snapper added. "It doesn't matter how either team is doing - the stands are always packed."

It sounds cliché, considering the title of the series, but what makes the intrastate rivalry such a big deal is... Bragging Rights. 

"We call it the State Championship," Ducks safety Brady Breeze said. "If you lose this game, they're going to be talking trash to you-  not just the next year, but the next 10 years."

Catch the latest "Bragging Rights" in the video above. 

Bragging Rights: What makes the Civil War such a big deal? originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest

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