Bradley Beal explains why he rocked the baby to Russell Westbrook

Chase Hughes
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Beal explains why he rocked the baby to Westbrook originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

It was clear that at some point we would likely see Russell Westbrook's signature 'rock the baby' celebration in a Wizards game this season, but the person who finally did it was a bit unexpected.

In the Wizards' win over the Timberwolves on Friday night, their first victory of the season, Bradley Beal rocked the baby after an and-1 basket in the third quarter. He flexed his arms and then looked towards the Wizards bench while doing the move. Westbrook then did it back.

After the game, Beal - who had 31 points and seven assists - explained how it all went down.

"[I decided to do it] right before I was about to go to the free throw line. I was like, let me get my breath first," Beal said. 

"Then, I looked at Russ and I was like 'what does he do? The little baby?' I was like 'Russ, what do you do?' Then, he started doing it and that turned into the baby rock. I probably shouldn't have done it on [Anthony Edwards] because Ant Man is strong as hell. I got my Russ off. We're good."

So, technically Westbrook may have done it first, but he wasn't playing in the game as the Wizards sat him due to rest. Beal was the first to bring it to life in the middle of a game.

Usually, Westbrook uses that gesture as a taunt. He has directed it towards rivals like Damian Lillard and Patrick Beverley. So, that's why Beal walked it back when it came to Edwards.

Maybe at some point this season we will see someone pull out the 'rock the baby' to trash talk an opponent. The safe money's on Westbrook for that one.

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