Brad Marchand, unsurprisingly, voted dirtiest in NHL by fellow players

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NBC Sports Boston

Brad Marchand is known around the NHL as a rat, a pest, someone who can get under your skin. 

That reputation, unsurprisingly, has earned the Boston Bruins winger a rather... interesting title.

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In a poll of 392 players across the NHL, The Athletic asked the players to answer a variety of questions -- one of those questions being "Who is the dirtiest player in the league?" To no surprise, No. 63 was voted the dirtiest in the league, receiving 29 percent of votes.

Some of the players who voted Marchand cared to give their remarks -- and they're pretty salty about some of the things he's been able to get away with.

"Marchand can do some shady [expletive]," said a Pacific Division player, according to The Athletic.

"It's disgusting what the league lets Marchand get away with. He's got no respect for anybody. Makes me sick," a Central Division player said. 

"It's just the little things he tries to get away with, and you can't get away with things now just because there are so many cameras. But it's the little shoulders to the chin, elbows to the chin, small things, slash the goalie in the back of the knees. Those types of things. But he is upfront about it," an Atlantic Division player said. 

Those are some pretty harsh comments, but does Marchand deserve it? Let's take a look at his disciplinary history in the NHL.

  • March 2011: Suspended two games for elbowing R.J. Umberger.

  • December 2011: A $2,500 fine for slew-footing Matt Niskanen.

  • January 2012: A five-game suspension for a predatory low-bridge hit on Sami Salo.

  • January 2015: Suspended two games for slew-footing Derick Brassard. 

  • December 2015: Suspended three games for clipping Mark Borowiecki

  • February 2017: A $10,000 fine for dangerously tripping Niklas Kronwall. 

  • January 2018: Suspended five games for an elbow to the head of Marcus Johansson. 

  • March 2018: A $2,000 fine for diving. 

  • April 2018: A $5,000 fine for cross-checking Andrew MacDonald. 

That's an extensive rap sheet, so it's no surprise that he was voted the dirtiest in the league by the players.

Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson clocked in slightly behind Marchand at 24 percent while Calgary Flames forward Matthew Tkachuk was voted third dirtiest at 11 percent. 

Following his suspension, two fines and multiple licking incidents in 2018, Marchand has cleaned up his act and has yet to receive a fine or suspension this campaign. 

Although he does have a pest-like demeanor, he's still undeniably beloved by his B's teammates and fans.

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Brad Marchand, unsurprisingly, voted dirtiest in NHL by fellow players originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

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