Brad Crawford picks every SEC team’s defining game for 2024

Statement wins can punctuate a successful season in college football. Texas’ win over Alabama did just that in changing the perception of the Longhorns’ football program.

The win over Alabama lifted Texas to a College Football Playoff berth. Had the Longhorns lost the game and beat Oklahoma instead, they likely miss the playoff in favor of an undefeated Alabama and one-loss Georgia.

247Sports’ Brad Crawford believes another game could have similar implications for Texas in 2024. He shared why the Georgia game could further prove that the Longhorns have staying power.

“A loss to the Bulldogs at home won’t keep the Longhorns out of the College Football Playoff if they’re unblemished elsewhere given the quality of the schedule, but there’s a chance it could keep Texas out of the SEC Championship depending on where the chips falls in Athens, Oxford, Baton Rouge, Knoxville and Tuscaloosa. This is one of several marquee games that Steve Sarkisian’s team will play in their first season in the expanded conference and will undoubtedly be a big deal for recruiting purposes, too. If Texas beats Georgia in Austin, could it be a passing of the torch moment within the league?”

The recruiting bump from a win over Georgia undoubtedly could take Texas from a consistent contender for a Top 5 class to a challenger for a No. 1 class. Still, the Longhorns would likely have to face Georgia again later in the season with bigger stakes should they win the first game.

Regardless of how the game is prioritized for head coach Steve Sarkisian and company, it could be the most hyped regular season game of 2024. Texas will look to leave the game with a defining statement win.

Story originally appeared on Longhorns Wire