Brad Childress: Kevin Stefanski has “seen about everything”

Darin Gantt
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

Kevin Stefanski is 37 years old, and just took a job which no one has succeeded in for decades.

And yet, those who know him think he’s prepared for what’s to come, such that anyone can really prepare for being coach of the Cleveland Browns.

Former Vikings head coach Brad Childress, one of Stefanski’s mentors in the business, thinks the experiences he had during his wild time in Minnesota should be enough to steady him.

“There’s not much that’s going to ruffle him, because he’s seen about everything from us coming in there on the tails of the Love Boat to Randy Moss walking out the door,’’ Childress said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

While Stefanski did have a ringside seat for some tumultuous times in Minnesota as Childress’ administrative assistant, Childress also pointed to his years of growing up in the sports business as a signal the job wouldn’t be too big for him. Stefanski’s father Ed’s a long-time NBA executive.

“That role sitting outside the head coach’s office, you’re not only a gatekeeper, but you’re doing everything from football to talking to the owners to talking to the G.M. to talking to the salary cap guy,’’ Childress said. “You’re intervening with the offensive and defensive staffs and he had an aptitude for all of that. None of that was too big for him. He was authoritative. People listened to him when he talked and he knew what he was talking about more than anything.”

All those things should serve him well, but the Browns have been a rather unique challenge for years.

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