Brad Brownell on the ACC schedule: ‘We’ve tried this, and it’s not working’

In all of college basketball, few coaches speak their minds, like Clemson head coach Brad Brownell.

During this week’s teleconference, Brownell discussed the ACC’s schedule and all of the hardships that come with it. The ACC schedule has 20 games on it, and many in-conference games restrict teams from their non-conference play.

” I just think we’ve tried this, and it’s not working,” Brownell said. I think (18) allows us to play other teams, which can help change the narrative, which I think is completely wrong.”

The ACC is one of, if not the top conference in basketball, but it’s tough to argue with this point. From early bracketology reports, the ACC will not have as many tournament teams as it may seem, which could be directly affected by this schedule. Allowing ACC teams to pick up some quad 1 wins outside the ACC, or even more of an opportunity to do so, could go a long way.

Story originally appeared on Clemson Wire