Boyd Polhamus: Celebrating 25 Years as the Voice of San Angelo Rodeo

SAN ANGELO, Texas (Concho Valley Homepage) — Boyd Polhamus, a seasoned rodeo announcer, recently celebrated a remarkable milestone as he marked his 25th year as the voice of the San Angelo rodeo.

Reflecting on his journey, Polhamus reminisced, “Feburary 2000 was the first year to come here,” highlighting the enduring bond he shares with the event. What sets Polhamus apart is not just his captivated commentary, but his unique style of announcing while mounted on his trusty steed, “Captain” a rare spectacle in rodeo announcing.

As he gears up for another thrilling rodeo season in 2024, Polhamus revealed his deep-seated dedication to the San Angelo event. “I’ve been really busy, and I’m glad,” he remarked, expressing his preference for focusing on events close to home rather than chasing paychecks elsewhere. His passion for San Angelo runs deep, as he candidly declared, ” If I won the lottery yesterday, I would be here today for free,” underscoring his unwavering commitment to this cherished tradition.

Despite San Angelo’s relatively modest size compared to rodeo juggernauts like Houston and San Antonio, the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo stands tall in terms of revenue. Polhamus attributes this success not to sheer size, but to the warrior spirit of the local community, volunteers, and sponsors who really behind the event with unconditional support. Their generosity and dedication, he believes, are the driving forces behind San Angelo’s thriving rodeo scene, proving that big-hearted support can surpass even the grandeur of megaplex venues.

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