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LAS VEGAS - Wow, was I wrong on the Renato "Babalu" Sobral -David Heath fight. I figured Babalu's recent personal problems would be too much for him to overcome and I thought Heath would defeat him Saturday at UFC 74.

But Babalu was dominant, opening a huge gash on Heath's forward during a second-round assault that left a quarter of the mat covered in blood.

Babalu finally ended the fight with a choke, forcing a tap. But he wouldn't release the choke for several seconds after the tap, even as referee Steve Mazzagatti was trying to pry his arms off. Heath was rendered unconsicous by the move, and his legs twitched at one point.

The Nevada Athletic Commission should consider a fine or a suspension for Sobral refusing to let go of the choke. Sobral admitted in a post-fight interview that he held the choke long because Heath had cursed him. The crowd, which sided with Sobral during the fight, turned on him. Sobral threw his hat into the crowd, but the fan who got it tossed it back into the cage.

It was a heinous and reprehensible move, showing no class or sportsmanship. Sobral deserves a harsh penalty. I hope the Nevada commission is up to the trick. UFC president Dana
White also needs to consider punishment against Sobral.

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