This bow-tie-wearing dog has an artsy job

Sweet Spot

Bert, a 5-year-old chocolate Pomeranian, is making everyone an art lover. His owner, Kathy Grayson, adopted the adorable pup and brought him to live (and “work”) in New York City. Grayson owns an art gallery, the Hole, and that’s where Bert can be seen wearing his best bow ties. “Some people come here to buy a painting, some people will come to look at a painting, and then some people come to pet Bert,” she told People.

What makes Bert the best employee? He’s super cute, friendly to all visitors, and always stays calm. We can’t forget his awesome sense of style — fans are all about it! Bert has his own Instagram account with more than 80,000 followers. If you’re not able to visit the Pomeranian in his element, then the next best thing is to check out his social media status. Warning — his photos and videos will melt your heart.

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