'Botched' Doctors Talk Argentinian Twins Out of Ridiculous Plastic Surgery

Superfan TV

On Botched, Argentinian twins Nadinne and Dannita Bruna have built a social media industry off of their augmented bodies, but they still felt like there was room for improvement. After Dannita's first breast surgery she found herself with symmastia, a condition in which there is a confluence of the breast tissue of both breasts across the midline anterior to the sternum. Nadinne on the other hand was not happy with the looser skin on her arms which was the result of weight loss. Although she'd already had a surgery to tighten the skin, she wanted it altered again.

Dr. Dubrow had the solution for Dannita's symmastia but it wasn't the answer she was looking for. After advising that they downsize her breasts to half the size she said, "These give me a lot of work, like, for calendar, magazine, you know. I need the big breasts."

And the option for Naddine's arms was equally disappointing. Dr. Dubrow said, "There is an operation you could do to take it to the next level, which is a cut that goes from your armpit all the way down to your elbow. Is that really something you really want to do? Do you really want to trade a scar to give you a what-- 10% improvement?" "For sure, no," Naddine said.

In the end, these twins decided to skip surgery and instead just work with what they've got.

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