'Botched' Doctors Consider Making Superhero's Huge Breasts Super Huger

Superfan TV

Purple-faced cosplay fan Bunny Blaze visited the doctors of Botched to see if they would help her become the ultimate cosplay character. In order to achieve her goal, Bunny says she needs much larger breasts.

Bunny has had trouble finding a surgeon willing to upgrade her current 2,000 cc breast implants saying, "I will talk to every doctor in the world till I'm blue in the face to achieve the look that I'm looking for." So why does she want bigger breasts? She said, "Surprisingly I get a lot of people still confusing that my boobs are real and that's something I'm really trying to stray away from."

Dressed as Amethyst from Steven Universe, Bunny was examined by Dr. Terry Dubrow. Dr. Dubrow concluded, "Don't do any more surgery. This is as much as your body is going to tolerate. The next step from here is the implant thinning the skin, showing through, getting infected, and most likely turning you into a breast cripple."

While Bunny appreciated the doctor's opinion she said, "I got a lot of information that is definitely helpful, but I know what I want to achieve, and I have this image, and I really want to achieve that."

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