Boston’s Sam Hauser on the Bus 1 Boys, his shooting, Luke Kornet celebrations

The original leader of the Bus 1 Boys may no longer be a part of the Boston Celtics roster (though we would all love Blake Griffin to come back), but Celtics sharpshooting forward Sam Hauser still represents that ethos for Boston this season.

The Virginia alum recently took some time to talk over how the Celtics’ 2023-24 campaign has been going with the hosts of Boston’s team-produced podcast, “The View From the Rafters”. Hauser also got into his laser-focused shot and even his thoughts on the elaborate in-game celebrations we have seen from big man teammate Luke Kornet.

Speaking with team reporter Marc D’Amico and NBC Sports Boston’s Abby Chin, this interview was a fun exchange you will definitely want to hear on the last “View From the Rafters” of the regular season.

Check it out above!

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire