Boston’s Jrue Holiday’s only focus is winning games

Jrue Holiday scored and surpassed 15 thousand career points during the Boston Celtics win over the New York Knicks on Monday, Nov. 13. The veteran guard received a standing ovation from the crowd in attendance after achieving the feat. However, Holiday wasn’t sure why everyone was calling his name.

When speaking to the media after the game, Holiday noted how he initially thought he had made a mistake on the court, and that’s why everybody was making such a ruckus. Instead, they were celebrating an exceptional career milestone with a player who is fast becoming a fan-favorite among the Celtics fanbase.

“When they started cheering. I heard my name a little bit, so I figured I did something wrong,” Holiday said. ““Winning games. That’s the only one, to be completely honest. It’s cool to get those accolades, I won’t lie, but I think the biggest one is winning.”

Holiday is the only member of the Celtics roster with a championship on his resume. He understands what’s required from a team if they want to reach the mountaintop.

As such, any individual accolade is likely a nice surprise en route to the bigger goal. Still, that shouldn’t stop him or his teammates from celebrating such a significant career achievement.

In their first 11 games, the Celtics have rampaged to a 9-2 start. Holiday has been a significant part of that hot start. His desire to compete at the highest level and heavy focus on winning every game will be a core part of any success the Celtics have this season.

Holiday has already proven to be an elite addition to Boston’s roster and will only continue to grow in influence as the season continues.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire