Boston’s Dominique Wilkins on his journey from the projects to the Hall of Fame

In an interview with “Vlad TV” host DJ Vlad, former Boston Celtics forward Dominique Wilkins recently reflected on his journey from a childhood spent growing up in the projects to becoming a Hall of Fame player, and his return to the Atlanta Hawks as the Vice President of Basketball Operations in 2004 after his playing days had ended.

The Human Highlight Film — as ‘Nique was called as a nickname — shared the backstory of this move from the court to the front office, citing the longstanding relationship he had with the Hawks since his retirement as a player, where he was assured of a job whenever he decided to return.

Wilkins also reflected on his induction into the Hall of Fame in 2006, and shared how he felt about the profound significance of being immortalized in such a way.

Check out the clip embedded above to hear ‘Nique’s story of how he rose to prominence in the sport of basketball from such humble beginnings.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire