Boston College guard Christian Mahogany could interest the Dolphins in the draft — and he has ties to the team

AVENTURA — Ask the teammates of Boston College guard Christian Mahogany about him, and they might refer to the NFL draft prospect as “Himothy.”

“It’s just an inside joke at Boston College,” Mahogany told the South Florida Sun Sentinel recently while training for this coming week’s NFL scouting combine in South Florida at Bommarito Performance Systems. “They like to say I’m ‘Him,’ like I’m that dude.”

It’s a slang term that has gained steam in recent years, to call someone “Him” or, by extension, Himothy. According to one Urban Dictionary post, it describes “the greatest of the greats,” and one doesn’t need to be named Timothy to qualify.

But Mahogany is too humble to feel it suits him right. He almost gets embarrassed by the mention of it, probably a reason why teammates keep using it on him.

“I don’t think that’s me, but they’ll say it till they die,” Himothy — excuse me, Mahogany — said. “I’m just a regular guy, I feel like.”

But whether Him or just a regular guy, Mahogany is considered among the top offensive guard prospects in the upcoming draft by various rankings. And the Miami Dolphins could be looking at addressing the interior of the offensive line come the late April NFL draft with right guard Robert Hunt, fellow guards Isaiah Wynn and Robert Jones and center Connor Williams all bound for free agency.

Boston College runs similar blocking schemes as the Dolphins under coach Mike McDaniel’s offense, and Mahogany’s offensive line coach for three of the past four seasons with the Eagles, Matt Applebaum, spent the 2022 season with McDaniel and the Dolphins before heading back to the northeast. In fact, Applebaum was BC’s line coach for all three of Mahogany’s seasons as a starter because, Applebaum’s lone year in Miami, Mahogany missed it due to a torn ACL. Mahogany bounced back from the injury in 2023 to earn first-team All-ACC honors.

“He’s a great coach, and he taught me a lot over my college career,” Mahogany said of Applebaum. “I give a lot of credit to him. I’m glad he’s back at BC.”

And if you’ve been coached by someone McDaniel has hired, you’re familiar with the outside-zone run-blocking scheme.

“Outside-zone heavy in my first two years with him,” Mahogany said. “This year, we had him again for my final year. We kind of went more inside zone, power, counter stuff.”

And that’s not Mahogany’s only tie to the Dolphins. He and Hunt, who enters free agency this offseason after an impressive first four professional seasons, have been in communication.

“He’s a great dude,” Mahogany said. “He’s kind of helping me through the process a little bit, but I don’t like to bother him too much. He’s a great dude. We talk, played a video game together.”

The two blockers were connected when an offensive line scout and analyst posted film of Mahogany on social media that caught the eye of Hunt. Mahogany, in turn, watched Hunt’s tape and the two followed each other and began communicating.

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Mahogany reports he talked to Dolphins scouts and watched film with them at the Shrine Bowl after the college season.

“It was a good time,” he said. “They seem like good people. They run a similar scheme to what I’m used to, so should be fun.”

Mahogany didn’t necessarily pick up any notion that Miami is more interested in him than other teams, but there are several things that line up.

“Maybe, down the line, I could be a Miami Dolphin. It would be really nice,” said the north New Jersey native who added he has family in South Florida. “Just see where it takes me, where the path takes me in April. I’m excited wherever I go, but the Dolphins wouldn’t be a bad fit.”

At 6 feet 3, 322 pounds, Mahogany possesses strength and agility. He has power in his game, can pull at a high level and excels in all facets of run blocking. With experience at both left and right guard, he presents position versatility in the NFL.

While working with trainer Pete Bommarito in South Florida, whom he was referred to by past BC teammates to go in the draft and fellow New Jersey product David Njoku, who is now Cleveland Browns tight end, Mahogany has shed time off his 40-yard dash and feels his agility will flash at the combine in Indianapolis.

“When people turn on my tape, they get a ‘wow’ factor to it,” Mahogany said. “I’m a bigger dude. They might think I’m not as agile as other guys, but I think I’m going to test pretty well, based on what the numbers say. I think I’m going to test in the top five, 10 percent of O-linemen at the combine, maybe top two of guards.

“I’m just excited to show them and prove everyone wrong with my testing numbers more. Because I think they know I can play football. I’m confident in my football abilities. It’s just the testing at this point, showing them that I’m an athlete, as well.”

In other words, with a strong showing at the combine, Mahogany might just prove to be Himothy of guard prospects in this draft.