Should the Boston Celtics target Danny Green after he was cut for the James Harden trade to L.A.?

Fans of the Boston Celtics woke up to learn that Philadelphia 76ers star James Harden had been dealt to the Los Angeles Clippers with PJ Tucker for a handful of players and draft picks. Veteran wing Danny Green found himself a casualty of the deal, having been cut to make room for the incoming players. Should the Celtics consider targeting the veteran 3-and-D specialist to fill their final remaining roster spot?

On one hand, Green has remained a lethal outside shot despite tearing his ACL with the Sixers in the 2021-22 NBA season, hitting 42.1% of his attempts from beyond the arc since returning from that injury.

On the other, at this stage of his career, the Sixers wing is more “and-D” than 3-and-D, with father time and his injury history diminishing his mobility on that end of the court.

Green is also on the smaller side of the wing spectrum, meaning he won’t be any help propping up the team’s thin frontcourt rotation, and Boston already has a handful of wings able to shoot without being especially great defenders.

Given the tax bill adding such a player would bring coupled with the current state of the roster, it might make sense to revisit such a conversation in a few more weeks if Green remains available and Boston gets a better look at its bench.

But the attraction of such efficient 3-point shooting is hard to ignore, even if much of the rest of the details don’t quite fit at the moment.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire