If the Boston Celtics look like they don’t care, it’s because they don’t

The Boston Celtics have the NBA’s best record, and with it, home court throughout the 2024 playoffs. There is nothing left in the league’s 2023-24 regular season for them to accomplish apart from keeping up their juggernaut momentum and preserving their health for the postseason.

So if you seem to notice the storied ball club’s players acting like they do not care about the outcome of a game very much for the remainder of the season, it’s because they don’t. And can we blame them, given the context of the enviable position their excellent pay has put them in this year?

The hosts of the CLNS Media “How Bout Them Celtics!” and “Talkin’ Cs” podcasts, Jack Simone, Sam LaFrance, and Bobby Krivitsky, dug into this most unusual of situations for Boston on a recent episode. Check it out below!

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire