Have the Boston Celtics had an easy run to the conference finals?

An injury-riddled Miami Heat team and a Cleveland Cavaliers roster that was without Jarrett Allen and, later, Donovan Mitchell. Those are the squads that have stood in the Boston Celtics way during the opening round of the 2024 NBA playoffs. Of course, an easier path is to be expected when you secure the first seed in your conference.

Nevertheless, Boston’s unhealthy opponents have created a new narrative surrounding their postseason run thus far. Some segments of the media are questioning whether the Celtics are capable of winning a championship if they face a sterner opponent, either in the conference finals or the NBA Finals.

In a recent episode of “The Lowe Post” podcast, Zach Lowe admitted that Boston’s current path has been ‘soft.’ He also questioned whether the Celtics can overcome a powerhouse like the Denver Nuggets. It’s worth noting that Denver hasn’t secured passage to the Western Conference Finals yet and could still lose to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Furthermore, the Celtics’ dominance throughout the regular season, especially against Miami and Cleveland teams that have been fighting for their lives, should be enough to encourage them about their chances of winning a championship this season.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire