Boston Celtics co-Governor Stephen Pagliuca hints at interest in buying Liverpool or Manchester United

Boston Celtics fans who also follow the sport of soccer in Europe likely recall Celtics co-Governor Stephen Pagliuca‘s interest in buying Chelsea, the British football club, before another investment consortium won the bidding process. Those fans may be keen to learn that Pagliuca recently hinted his investment firm may yet have an interest in purchasing a Premier League club.

Asked about whether he might have an interest in buying either Liverpool or Manchester United, Pagliuca replied (via the Manchester Evening News’ Matthew Abbott) “I looked at Liverpool about 15 years ago,” before their current ownership group bought the ball club.

“I can’t talk specifically about any transactions we are working on because of confidentiality agreements, but obviously, we are aware of those transactions,” added Pagliuca. “The question on those transactions, in general, is what price level do we think is sustainable?”

“Obviously the Chelsea process, which received a record price, has probably motivated folks to try and monetize clubs that they have owned for a long time, and we are certainly in a period where values have been driven up,” continued the Celtics owner, who also owns Italian club Atalanta.

“Anyone who buys a club has to assess the economic opportunity, how much money we have to put in to keep up the quality and what that will cost you. That is what we do in everything we are looking at.”

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire