Boston Celtics awarded Disabled Player Exception for injured Danilo Gallinari

The Boston Celtics will receive a disabled player exception worth $3.23 million for veteran Danilo Gallinari, who is likely sidelined for the year. The forward tore his ACL while playing for the Italian national team this summer.

A DPE is offered when a player is lost to injury and unable to return to action by June of that season. The team may sign a replacement free agent for one year only and is awarded an exception worth approximately half of the injured player’s annual salary. The club in question may also trade for a player with a contract worth 50% plus $100,000 of the injured player’s contract if he is on the last year of his deal.

Some reports have indicated the Celtics have begun to check the temperature on the NBA’s trade market. In addition to this DPE, Boston still owns a few traded player exceptions to potentially utilize, though these can’t be bundled or paired.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire