Borat appears on Jimmy Kimmel for hilariously chaotic interview: ‘Why are you scared?'

Jacob Stolworthy
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Borat dropped in for an interview on Jimmy Kimmel’s US chat show – but the host was unable to ask a single question.

Sacha Baron Cohen brought his character to Kimmel’s studio for a socially-distanced chat that left the presenter without any trousers on.

Borat’s appearance arrived ahead of his film sequel, which is set to be released on Friday (23 October).

The interview went off the rails immediately, with Borat claiming he could spot coronavirus floating in the air.

He then proceeded to smash these invisible “infectious cells” with a frying pan.

Kimmel squirmed as Borat prodded and poked him with an oversized thermometer. He requested he place it in Kimmel’s “rear hole”, asking him: “Why are you scared?”

The host tried and failed to distract Baron Cohen’s character with questions about the new film.

Borat then brought out his “daughter”, a character who appears in the sequel. Within moments, she demanded Kimmel hand over his trousers and, after he refused, she grew angry with the host.

“It's best that you give her your pants,” Borat said.

Eventually, Kimmel – laughing away – accepted and took his trousers off.

Sacha Baron Cohen refused to let Jimmy Kimmel ask any questionsYouTube
Sacha Baron Cohen refused to let Jimmy Kimmel ask any questionsYouTube

Perched behind his chair, he managed to get one statement in abut the film.

“I have seen your film and it is wonderful and no one who loves you will be disappointed.”

He continued: “It is miraculous and I hope that many, many Americans watch it.”

Last week, it was revealed that Baron Cohen decided to make his real identity known for the first time during a particularly sensitive interview while shooting the new film.

Borat 2 will be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video from 23 October.

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